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    The fundamental idea behind the creation of a joint GIS framework by Pavel Josef Safárik University Košice, Slovakia and Eszterházy Károly Univerity Eger, Hungary szlovákia együttes kezelése to support the development of the wine region based on the integration of basic territorial data and the joint handling of GIS by the two European member states.

    Databases with different structures and nomenclature hamper the processing of the GIS data of the wine region, its integration and the preparation of mutually advantageous regional development concepts as well as the transparency of developmental efforts. The aim of the project is to pool the professional experience of the two institutions and to facilitate joint learning processes based on specific modular frameworks in keeping with the character of the wine region.

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    The proposed system is capable of integrating the GIS databases present on both sides of the border and supporting functional regional planning and development, marketing, sustainable landscape planning, and management. Furthermore, it deepens the remote sensing skills and knowledge present at the two institutions.

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    The thematic content of the trilingual GIS framework published on the website can be used as a validated source of information for wine producers, local government and administration, local people szlovákia együttes kezelése well as the participants both on the demand and supply side of tourism. It provides an easily accessible dissemination platform on which to publish the research results of the area.

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